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Zambian football player gets UK work permit after appeal

11:29 03/08/2005
Collins Mbesuma, a 21-year-old Zambian national playing football in the English city Portsmouth, has been granted a UK work permit after the club made a successful appeal to the Home Office. The...

UK immigration: public opinion needed

19:19 21/07/2005
The UK public is being consulted about a new, proposed immigration system. Legislation going through Parliament will create a points-based entry system with five "tiers" of immigration. The "tiers",...

Overview of Scotland's Fresh Talent scheme

13:11 29/06/2005
Scotland , a country of some five million people, is actively seeking a flow of Fresh Talent. It is hoped that the new immigrants will flourish alongside native-born Scots and help Scotland secure...

Need for immigrants in Scotland questioned

10:29 27/06/2005
Scotland's "Fresh Talent" initiative to entice foreign students to Scotland is "completely unjustified", according to the think tank Migrationwatch UK. Migrationwatch UK said reports of Scotland's...

UK to switch to points-based skilled immigration

14:56 22/06/2005
The UK government's new Immigration and Asylum Bill is expected to include a points-based system for immigration. The measures, due to be published on June 22, include fingerprinting of all visa...

Migrant workers being brought illegally into UK

11:20 21/06/2005
The BBC has found evidence that many Eastern European workers are being brought in illegally by a gangmaster in Cornwall in the UK . The BBC has found out that at least two Russians have been working...