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House of Commons

Westminster parliament to debate UK immigration

13:48 04/09/2012
The United Kingdom's parliament will debate the issue of immigration on Thursday 6th September 2012. The debate will be led by Nicholas Soames, the Conservative MP for Mid Sussex, and Frank Field,...

Proposed Canadian legislation would streamline deportation of foreign criminals

18:37 26/06/2012
Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney proposed new measures to expedite the deportation of foreigners who commit crimes in Canada. The Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act will allow Canada...

New UK law affects Filipino caregivers applying for permanent residence

16:27 09/11/2011
The Philippine's Department of Foreign Affairs reminds Filipino caregivers working in the UK about the new immigration rules that specifies a minimum hourly wage for caregivers seeking permanent...

Canada attempts to streamline immigration

17:09 05/10/2011
Canada is currently struggling to deal with a backlog of immigration applications. The backlog of immigration applications is hurting Canada's reputation as a top immigration destination for skilled...

British MPs slam UK student visa policy

11:41 27/07/2011
A parliamentary committee has taken the UK Government to task over its recent tightening of student immigration rules, saying that the new restrictions could cost the UK economy £3.6 billion over the...

UK Deputy Prime Minister criticises UK Prime Minister on immigration

10:55 20/04/2011
Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister has attacked the Conservative Party Prime Minister's immigration plans. He says that reducing the number of immigrants to tens of thousands a...