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House of Commons

UK woman wears wedding gown to protest deportation

18:01 20/09/2005
A UK woman caught in a fight over her husband's deportation will lead a demonstration of asylum seekers' wives dressed in bridal gowns on the first day of Parliament in October. Heather Bullen, 32,...

U.S. will demand passports from Canadians

11:24 06/04/2005
In order to bolster border security in the United States, by 2007, most Canadians will need a passport to enter the US. By 2008, Americans going to Canada will also need to show a passport in order...

UK - Workers Registration Scheme for new EU members

12:58 14/04/2004
The Home Office has recently announced Workers Registration Scheme that set out transitional measures that will apply to nationals from the new EU member states. These will allow nationals of eight...

UK Home Secretary announces changes to work permit scheme

13:22 28/10/2001
David Blunkett's speech to Labour Party Conference - 3rd October 2001 - contained the following points: New radical improved policy on immigration and asylum Development of work permit system which...