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Canadian pressure groups protest against award for immigration minister

13:37 22/11/2012
There was a demonstration in Toronto on Sunday 4th November against Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney. Mr Kenney was receiving an honorary philosophy degree from Israel's Haifa University on...

Census statistics show Canada is changing due to immigration

19:53 25/10/2012
Canadian government census figures show that there are now 200 languages spoken in Canada. The first Canadian census was held in 1871. Since 1956, censuses have been held every five years. The most...

Rule changes are preventing spouses immigrating to Canada

13:36 17/08/2012
A crackdown on marriage fraud is preventing genuine spouses from settling in Canada, lawyers fear. One Toronto based lawyer, Jacqueline Bart, said earlier this week, 'No question, decisions on...

Canada to discuss immigration future with public and stakeholders

10:04 02/08/2012
Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) Parliamentary Secretaries Chungsen Leung and Rick Dykstra have begun a series of consultations on Canada's immigration issues. The two Parliamentary...

Ontario immigration office closure affecting employers and students

17:45 26/07/2012
Sudbury, Ontario MP Glenn Thibeault believes the closure of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in Sudbury this spring is making it harder for mining companies to deal with the severe...

Canada to pay failed refugee claimants to leave the country

13:23 09/07/2012
The Canadian government has announced they will pay some failed refugee claimants up to CAD$2,000 to leave the country and will also pay for a one-way plane ticket. The new pilot project, run by the...