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United Nations

UN fears that Syria's neighbours may close borders

19:42 29/08/2012
There are fears that countries neighbouring Syria may close their borders following a sharp increase in the numbers of refugees crossing their borders from Syria. Over 214,000 Syrian refugees have...

Several Olympic athletes have applied for asylum in the UK

14:54 08/08/2012
With the Olympics in full swing, several athletes on UK visas have applied for asylum. Some of the athletes were set to compete in the games while several others were granted UK visas as part of the...

New figures released for Australia's humanitarian visa program

19:58 25/07/2012
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has released new figures stating that 13,759 visas were issued under Australia's humanitarian program last year. Out of the total allocation of 13,759...

UN urges Australia to ease visa rules

10:27 19/07/2012
UN World Tourism Organisation secretary-general Taleb Rifai has urged Australia to relax its strict visa requirements for visitors from developing countries, saying it could help Australia boost...

Head of Syria's National Olympic Committee refused UK visa

15:48 22/06/2012
The head of Syria's National Olympic Committee, General Mowaffak Joumaa, was refused a UK visa to travel to attend next month's Olympic Games in London. Joumaa is reportedly regarded as a close...

World Travel & Tourism Council urges countries to simplify visas to increase tourism

18:40 19/05/2012
The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced that they believe easier visa processes are important and integral to stimulating economic growth and job creation throughout the tourism...