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Immigration news

Study finds UK immigration helps the economy

18:23 21/04/2005
A study done by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics finds that immigration is beneficial to the UK economy. The study criticizes the main UK parties for pledging to...

Undercover reporter finds US IDs for sale to illegal immigrants

17:32 21/04/2005
The United States is currently undergoing the largest wave of immigration in over a century, reports CBS news on April 20. But what makes this wave like no other is that so much of it is illegal... conducts seminar on UK visa scheme at IESE

13:59 21/04/2005
Sanwar Ali of recently addressed students of Spain's IESE, a business school which is currently on the list of MBA programmes of the UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP ) MBA...

UK parties' views on immigration: a comparison

11:53 20/04/2005
In light of the upcoming elections in the UK and the important role immigration is likely to play, we bring you a look at what each party proposes on immigration controls, refugees, ID cards, and...

Canada makes immigration easier for students and families

13:09 19/04/2005
Canada announced on 18 April several changes to its immigration rules intended to attract talented students, to help families unite and to cut waiting time for approved immigrants. To compete for...

US grants ten percent of requested visas in India

11:17 18/04/2005
Some 500,000 Indians aspire to visit the United States every year, but the American government issues only about 55,000 visas , the Times of India reported on 15 April. This is due to lack of...