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Immigration news

Germany's population continues to decline

17:50 23/01/2006
Germany's population shrank for a third straight year in 2005 as the trend of fewer births than deaths continued. Immigration did not compensate for the deficit, Federal Statistics Office data showed...

Indian business people visiting Australia more and more

15:51 23/01/2006
Business professionals from India are one of the largest national groups applying for Australian business visas . India is already among the top four countries providing Australia with skilled...

Almost 45 Indians running in Canada's elections

15:42 23/01/2006
As Canada goes to the polls on 23 January, nearly 45 candidates of Indian origin will be running. The candidates have spent the past few weeks trying to attract the immigrant community with speeches...

Australia attracts migrants, but loses Australians

15:15 23/01/2006
As has been reported on numerous times, Australia is currently scouring the world for skilled immigrants . The trend is likely to continue, as an increasing number of skilled workers...

European Court says German visa rule illegal

18:16 20/01/2006
The EU ruled on 19 January that some of Germany's visa restrictions in its Immigration Act are illegal. Specifically, the Court of Justice said that visa restrictions forcing non-EU workers posted to...

Quota reached on US H1B visas for advanced degrees

13:32 20/01/2006
According to an update from US Citizenship and Immigration Service, the quota of 20,000 H1B visas for those with Master's Degrees or higher was exhausted on January 17, 2006. Under current law, the...