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Immigration news

US President seeks support for new guest worker visa

10:42 29/11/2005
US President George W Bush has begun touring US states to rally support for his strategy to control immigration. Mr Bush wants tighter security along the Mexican frontier, but he also plans to allow...

The US Green Card Lottery: one family's story

15:50 28/11/2005
Klaus and Flavia Westerwelle seldom play lotteries. They've already hit the big one. The Associated Press reports. The evidence can be spotted on the living-room wall of their Eastside home: 15 hand-...

Australia's new working holiday maker visa a success

13:11 28/11/2005
Rural Australian fruit growers desperate for workers have been helped out by the large number of backpackers who took advantage of changes to the working holiday maker visa scheme . Three weeks after...

US demand for workers grows, especially in construction

17:33 25/11/2005
As the Associated Press reports, there's no shortage of work for Mike Kirby, a 21-year-old apprentice electrician in Iowa who's lately been on the job 10 hours a day, seven days a week. He and others...

Indian workers fill the gap in UK skills shortages

16:49 25/11/2005
Most foreign computer workers entering Britain in the past year were from India, new research showed this week. More than eight of out 10 of the 22,000 overseas IT (information technology) workers...

Australia faces shortage of 195,000 workers

10:19 25/11/2005
Australia faces a shortfall of 195,000 workers in five years time, the federal government spokesman says. An ageing population was to blame for the expected shortfall, which would have a massive...