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Immigration news

New Zealand employment expo to take place in London

17:13 13/03/2006
More than 3000 highly skilled British citizens have pre-registered to attend the Opportunities New Zealand Expo held in London later this month. The Expo brings together New Zealand employers and...

UK's Heathrow expands Iris Recognition Immigration System test

16:40 13/03/2006
The UK's Heathrow Airport has extended its use of iris-scanning technology to speed up immigration checks. The Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) is currently being tested at the airport as...

More immigration of single women worldwide

13:39 10/03/2006
Women make up nearly half of the immigrant population world-wide as more and more of them take on greater responsibility for their family's welfare. Of the 180,000,000 international immigrants,...

Home Office updates UK switching rules

16:05 09/03/2006
The Home Office have updated the UK switching rules and are now as shown below. Switching into work permit employment Nationals from non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries may apply to switch...

Australia, Bangladesh sign work and holiday visa agreement

13:37 09/03/2006
Australia's immigration department has announced that Bangladesh and Australia have signed a work and holiday agreement, allowing young professionals to work in each other's countries. University-...

Emotions high in US immigration debate

9:43 09/03/2006
Immigrants from around the US came together in Washington, D.C., yesterday to lobby for immigration reform, while Senator Hilary Clinton added her opinion to the debate during a speech in Washington...