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Immigration news

France considers immigration overhaul

13:28 06/02/2006
France's interior minister will submit a draft law this week that proposes an immigration system that would reward skilled and educated applicants, and make it easier to expel unwanted foreign...

Rural Canada gaining more immigrants

10:53 06/02/2006
Rural communities in Manitoba, Canada are experiencing immigration growth, despite recent statistics showing a marked decrease in Manitoba's population. In the first three quarters of 2005, 17,867...

UK landlords benefitting from immigration

19:02 03/02/2006
Landlords are expecting a rise in demand for rental property as more people choose to move to the UK from other countries. Following the last wave of EU accession in May 2004, businesses have...

Bush calls for increase in US H-1B visas

15:26 03/02/2006
US President George W. Bush has urged the Congress to raise the number of H-1B visas that allow companies to hire foreign workers for scientific and high-tech jobs. "Congress needs to understand that...

New Zealand sees more highly skilled immigrants

14:19 03/02/2006
The number of skilled migrants who already have jobs or job offers when they are shortlisted for New Zealand residency has increased since tougher criteria were introduced. The qualifying bar for the...

Canada hunts for trades people in Europe

9:34 03/02/2006
Construction industry leaders from British Columbia (B.C.), Canada are hoping that skilled trades workers from Europe can help solve the province's skilled labour shortage. Next month, Vancouver...