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Immigration news

Canada to strengthen language training for immigrants

15:03 25/01/2005
The Federal Government and the Province of Ontario will jointly invest C$3.4 million to improve English-language training for immigrants , Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reported on January...

UK immigration - Brussels to block Tory ideas

9:58 25/01/2005
Radical immigration policies released yesterday by the UK's opposition Conservative Party have drawn criticism from the European Commission, the Telegraph newspaper reports. In a pre-election speech...

US immigration rules relaxed for tsunami victims

17:42 24/01/2005
People from areas affected by theAsian tsunami will be less stringently policed for immigrationbreaches, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcedJanuary 10. FromJanuary 7 2005,...

Changes to UK Investor Rules from 13 January 2005

16:23 24/01/2005
Summary New rules have come into effect from 13 January2005 to encourage high net worth individuals to come, invest and livein the UK and to make sure UK rules remain competitive with othercountries...

Opposition to announce UK immigration policies

13:04 24/01/2005
The leader of the UK's Conservative Party Michael Howard will make a speech today outlining radical immigration policy changes the BBC reports. If elected, the Conservatives would introduce rules for...

Australia immigration - offshore passenger screening expanded

12:19 24/01/2005
Passengers and crew on all airlines that regularly fly to Australiaare now being screened overseas prior to boarding, Australia'sDepartment of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs(...