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Immigration news

Canada to reveal major changes to immigration policy

16:43 01/11/2005
Canada is likely to introduce major changes to its immigration policy, including plans to take in as many as 300,000 new immigrants annually within the next five years. The multiyear plan, which was...

Au pairs in Finland subject to taxes

14:08 01/11/2005
There are as many as several hundred au pairs (nannies) working in families in Finland, and the Finnish tax authorities regard them as illegal labour. The problem is that Finland has not ratified the...

New Australian visa rules come into force today

11:54 01/11/2005
New immigration rules that come into force on 1 Nov. will let Australian employers recruit apprentices from overseas. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says the changes will benefit employers who...

Report says Scotland's Fresh Talent could cause problems

15:14 31/10/2005
The reports that a recent report says Scotland's high-profile drive to attract migrants to Scotland is threatening to spark racial problems because agencies are failing to help new...

Some Mexicans choosing Canada over the US

13:03 31/10/2005
The Christian Science Monitor reports that a small but growing number of Mexicans are choosing to immigrate to Canada , which is putting out the welcome mat. According to the paper, the number of...

US passports to have RFID chips

9:31 31/10/2005
The US State Department announced that all U.S. passports issued after October 2006 will have embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that carry the holder's personal data and digital...