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Immigration news

Study finds what migrants think of Australia

10:15 15/12/2005
With racial tensions rising around the nation, timely new research looks at what migrants truly think of Australia and Australians, and vice versa. The report, by Adelaide University, has been...

New Zealand sees sharp drop in foreign students

15:15 14/12/2005
New Zealand has seen a sharp decline in the number of international students in English language and secondary schools this year, Education Ministry figures show. While numbers were steady at...

UK citizens emigrating from UK in higher numbers

15:04 14/12/2005
While few would dispute the fact that the UK is clearly a popular choice for inward migration, many may be surprised to discover the number of UK citizens that regularly embark on a new life abroad...

UK bill threatens foreign students, says student union

12:18 13/12/2005
The UK's new Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill that is being presented to the House of Lords, could see International students lose their right to appeal against decisions about their right to...

One in 10 UK workers is an immigrant

12:18 13/12/2005
One in 10 workers in the UK was born abroad, according to research by the Institute of Fiscal Studies. More than a third of working-age immigrants arrived in the UK during the past decade, according...

US immigration hits five year high -- study

10:37 13/12/2005
Immigration to the US - both legal and illegal - continues to boom as Congress grapples with how to better control America's borders. A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 7.9...