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Immigration news

New rules on travel health insurance for UK residents

15:35 19/01/2006
Starting in 2006, UK residents travelling to Europe and/or Switzerland need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in order to receive necessary healthcare while visiting an EEA country or...

Immigrant vote split as Canadian election approaches

11:36 19/01/2006
Immigrants in Canada have traditionally supported the ruling Liberal party. However, in this election, immigrants appear split. The Conservative Party is promising that if it takes power in Canada,...

Will increased migration make Australia wealthier?

10:56 17/01/2006
Increasing skilled immigration will create a more powerful economy in Australia and make people richer on average, the Government's leading agency for economic analysis says. In a report entitled...

2010 Canadian Winter Olympics facing labour shortage

10:05 17/01/2006
The 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Canada are four years away but already concerns about labour shortages and ballooning construction costs are prompting Canada to scour other countries for...

US Embassy in Oman to change application rules

18:12 16/01/2006
As of March 1, 2006, the US Embassy in Muscat, Oman will only accept visa application forms that have been filled out online, printed, and signed, says a press note. The forms are the DS-156 (Non-...

Two tunnels found under US-Mexico border

16:36 16/01/2006
Two tunnels have been discovered under the US -Mexico border this week, American immigration agents say. One was discovered in Arizona when border patrol agents spotted two men taking marijuana out...