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Immigration news

England to launch its own Fresh Talent Scheme

18:25 12/12/2005
An immigration policy that gives Scotland a competitive advantage in attracting immigrants is to be undermined by a similar scheme introduced across the UK . A version of the Fresh Talent Initiative...

Australian island of Tasmania desperate for tradespeople

18:10 12/12/2005
There are concerns young Tasmanians are shunning traineeships and apprenticeships because they are not deemed to have the status of a university education. Tasmania is an Australian island located...

Australia job ads on the rise

13:39 12/12/2005
New figures show the jobs market in Australia continues to strengthen. The Seek Employment Index shows an 11 percent increase in the number of job ads posted during the month of November - a 32...

Russian sues for action on US Green Card application

13:37 12/12/2005
A Russian man who now lives in Kernersville has filed a complaint against U.S. immigration agencies that alleges that they have unreasonably delayed processing his application for permanent residency...

US crime database often wrong on immigration, study finds

12:32 12/12/2005
More than 8,000 people have been mistakenly blamed for US immigration violations as a result of the Bush administration's strategy of entering the names of thousands of immigrants in a national crime...

Update on US H1B visas for those with Master's Degrees

17:17 09/12/2005
The US government issued an update of the H1B masters' cap numbers on December 1, 2005. They have reported that, as of November 29, 2005, there are only 3,302 H1B master's cap numbers remaining. If...