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Immigration news

UK visas - current processing times

10:32 27/07/2004
As per our earlier news report on FLR (IED) application processing times , the Home Office has released their weekly update on the queue for Leave to Remain (LTR), work permit and Highly Skilled...

US Congress approves delay on biometric passports

15:42 24/07/2004
The Senate has approved legislation to allow countries whose citizens do not require visas to enter the United States to get an additional year to issue new tamperproof, biometric passports. The bill...

UK Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme & ECAA Applications

16:21 23/07/2004
As part of the major announcement by Home Secretary Blunkett on reforms to managed migration programmes in the UK yesterday, some positive measures were also introduced. To take advantage of the...

New UK Immigration Rules Announced

10:06 23/07/2004
The Home Secretary David Blunkett has announced stricter rules to stop temporary migrants in the UK switching into permanent employment to try to stop potential abuse of the system. These new rules...

US Green Card Lottery DV 2005 Results Announced

11:51 22/07/2004
The winners of the United States DV-2005 diversity lottery have already been notified by the Kentucky Consular Center. Approximately 100,000 people from countries with low rates of immigration to the...

UK HSMP to get tougher

14:10 21/07/2004
The Home Office is likely to toughen up the Rules surrounding the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme to bring it back into line with its original objectives which were set out when the Scheme was...