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Immigration news

US votes to increase H1B visa numbers

9:51 07/11/2005
The US Senate voted in favour of increasing the cap on H-1B visas by 30,000 to 95,000 from next year. The H-1B visa is largely used in the IT industry to employ skilled professionals, and industry...

Germany to introduce biometric passports

12:56 04/11/2005
Germany is set to be the first country in the European Union to introduce biometric passports, which will allow airport control devices to detect a small electronic tag concealed inside the passport...

New Zealand launches website to attract New Zealanders home

17:31 03/11/2005
New Zealand has launched a new website that aims to attract New Zealanders who have moved abroad to move back home, by listing job opportunities, relocation information , plus information on the...

New Zealand immigration changes putting off investors

13:59 02/11/2005
In June, the New Zealand Government announced that the investor age limit would be lowered 30 years from 85 to 54, the amount of investment required would double to $2 million and the money would...

Canada to reveal major changes to immigration policy

16:43 01/11/2005
Canada is likely to introduce major changes to its immigration policy, including plans to take in as many as 300,000 new immigrants annually within the next five years. The multiyear plan, which was...

Au pairs in Finland subject to taxes

14:08 01/11/2005
There are as many as several hundred au pairs (nannies) working in families in Finland, and the Finnish tax authorities regard them as illegal labour. The problem is that Finland has not ratified the...