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Damian Green

Migration Advisory Committee recommends reducing UK immigration by up to 25 percent

11:57 21/11/2010
On 18 November 2010, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), a body set up to advise the UK Government on UK immigration including the UK's points based system , recommended that the UK Government...

UK Visa fees to go up again from 1 November 2010

15:54 27/10/2010
UPDATE: The planned increase in fees has been postponed until further notice. There will be further fee increase in UK Government visa fees from next week on 1 November 2010. This was announced by...

UK Immigration Minister defends immigration limit

9:06 27/09/2010
The UK Immigration Minister, Damian Green, stated that the Government would 'rigorously defend' any legal challenge to its interim migration limit. The interim immigration cap has caused serious...

UK Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa may end

16:56 16/09/2010
UK Immigration is trying to reduce levels of overall immigration into the UK . Recently the UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has been expressing concerns about the number of students on student...

UK Immigration Minister speaks on UK immigration policy changes

17:19 13/09/2010
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green spoke recently at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London about immigration . The Immigration Minister said that the Government wishes to "maximise" the benefits...

UK Immigration Minister will say that there are too many people on Tier 4 student visas

19:48 06/09/2010
Immigration Minister Damian Green has said that levels of student immigration under the Tier 4 student visa were "unsustainable". There have been rumours that the popular Tier 1 Post Study Work visa...