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Damian Green

UK Immigration Minister speaks on UK immigration policy changes

17:19 13/09/2010
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green spoke recently at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London about immigration . The Immigration Minister said that the Government wishes to "maximise" the benefits...

UK Immigration Minister will say that there are too many people on Tier 4 student visas

19:48 06/09/2010
Immigration Minister Damian Green has said that levels of student immigration under the Tier 4 student visa were "unsustainable". There have been rumours that the popular Tier 1 Post Study Work visa...

UK Immigration Minister Damian Green consults with Indians

9:08 24/08/2010
Immigration Minister Damian Green recently started a three day visit to India to meet with Indian Government officials on UK immigration policy and on how to deal with illegal immigration . Mr Green'...

UK Student Tier 4 Visa Review Again

19:55 11/08/2010
UK immigration has announced another review of the UK Tier 4 student visa scheme. There has been a on third increase in student numbers in the twelve months to March 2010: For the period to March...

UK English Language test for spouses and partners to be introduced

17:11 28/07/2010
If you wish to join or marry your British citizen spouse or a permanent resident in the UK you will from 29 November 2010 need to pass an English language test with an approved test provider. If you...

UK immigration cap may not happen

13:34 25/06/2010
The UK Coalition Government is reconsidering plans to introduce an immigration cap. During times of economic growth immigration has been of enormous benefit to the UK economy providing much needed...