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Immigration news

US government offers new guide for immigrants

19:30 10/08/2005
Pay your taxes, carry your green card all the time and do not engage in serious crimes like murder, rape and terrorism. This is some of the wisdom given to new immigrants by the US Citizenship and...

UK's HSMP has new reviews request form

14:16 10/08/2005
If your Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application was refused by the Home Office, a new Reviews Request Form is now available. Individuals seeking a review of their application should...

New Ukrainian visa rules promote tourism

12:28 10/08/2005
Ukraine authorities, anxious to boost their national tourism sector, abolished visa requirements for nationals of the European Union, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and the United States earlier this...

New Zealand to require HIV tests from some immigrants

15:47 09/08/2005
The New Zealand Department of Labour recently announced it will begin requiring a blood test that screens for HIV, hepatitis B, and liver and kidney function for all foreign visitors who plan on...

Fewer Americans immigrating to Canada than expected

14:54 08/08/2005
Although it was originally expected that many Americans would move to Canada after US President George Bush was re-elected, that has not happened. Many Americans visited the Canadian government's...

New Zealand looks to Germany for skilled immigrants

14:14 08/08/2005
New Zealand , which has a shortage of skilled workers, is looking to Germany to find more workers. A recruitment agency said a number of regional development organizations, recruitment companies and...