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Immigration news

US House passes new immigration bill

13:36 20/12/2005
The US House of Representatives adopted new immigration legislation, including a measure to set up vast border fences that has strained ties with Mexico, late on Dec. 16. The bill was adopted in a...

New Zealand lamb shearers in short supply

10:18 20/12/2005
Lamb shearers are in short supply as summer shearing enters a bottleneck in New Zealand , which could be aggravated by a bumper lambing season. They hope to alleviate the problem by using overseas...

UK introduces new immigration rules for religious workers

9:08 20/12/2005
The UK Government is introducing a new immigration category that allows religious workers in non-preaching roles to come to the UK to work for up to two years. This will cover workers whose duties...

US' new budget bill does not include more H1B visas

9:05 20/12/2005
A Senate-passed measure to provide additional foreign worker visas for the high-tech and specialty fields was dropped from a budget bill that passed the House early Dec. 19, disappointing technology...

Civil Unions begin in UK

18:08 16/12/2005
Hundreds of same-sex couples in the United Kingdom have flocked to government offices to file for civil partnerships in the last week. Thomas Bauer said he mentioned in the barbershop that he had...

Opinion: a US immigration story & the law of "illegal presence"

10:38 16/12/2005
This opinion piece comes from Please note that this does not necessarily reflect the views of This week the Congress will take up, the "Border Protection,...