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Immigration news

Miami International Airport has slowest immigration control in US

19:39 05/08/2005
A recent report by the US government finds that Miami International Airport (MIA) has the US's slowest immigration-control lines. Passengers sometime wait for hours before they are allowed to enter...

US, Canadians required to carry travel documents

19:06 05/08/2005
Travel document requirements for U.S. and Canadian citizens are changing. Certain travelers will now need to carry passports, so it may be necessary to obtain them well before you need to travel...

Australia welcomes record number of skilled immigrants

15:17 04/08/2005
According to's survey , many of our readers really like Australia. The good news is, if you are a skilled worker, Australia's door is open it you. Recent statistics show that Australia...

New guest worker category introduced to US legislators

12:51 04/08/2005
New proposed legislation in the US introduces a "guest worker" visa category that would allow foreign professionals to take up temporary jobs in the US which cannot be filled from within the country...

Zambian football player gets UK work permit after appeal

11:29 03/08/2005
Collins Mbesuma, a 21-year-old Zambian national playing football in the English city Portsmouth, has been granted a UK work permit after the club made a successful appeal to the Home Office. The...

Is Australia really Number One? What do you think?

11:28 03/08/2005
Since has such a wide, global audience, we thought we'd conduct our own survey based on the story about a recent poll that found Australia was the world's favorite nation . What do you...