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Immigration news

US lawmakers open debate on temporary work visas

17:39 15/04/2005
The United States Senate opened an immigration debate on April 14 on agricultural guest worker visas that many lawmakers had hoped to postpone. A House and Senate negotiating session later this year...

Australia hopes to welcome more working backpackers

9:17 15/04/2005
Australia has moved to double the length of time backpackers can work in Australia. The move follows an attempt by New Zealand in February to snatch the lucrative market out from under Aussie noses...

High refusal rate for EC Association Agreement applications to the UK

17:49 14/04/2005
Last year saw the suspension of EC Association Agreement applications for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania wishing to work in the UK. This was reintroduced on 1 September 2004. We have heard from...

The US' InfoPass expands its network

14:32 14/04/2005
Residents of the US state of New Hampshire residents can now go online to schedule an appointment with an immigration officer. The InfoPass system is already used at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration...

Georgia scraps visa requirements for many Western countries

14:05 14/04/2005
The Georgian government announced on 13 April 2005 that Georgia will unilaterally cancel visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Japan, Israel, Canada and EU member countries as an...

Australia to take an additional 20,000 skilled migrants in 2005-06

12:30 14/04/2005
Australia will take an extra 20,000 skilled migrants in 2005-06 to help meet labour force needs. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said on 13 April 2005 that between 130,000 and 140,000 non-...