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Immigration news

US Embassy in Oman to change application rules

18:12 16/01/2006
As of March 1, 2006, the US Embassy in Muscat, Oman will only accept visa application forms that have been filled out online, printed, and signed, says a press note. The forms are the DS-156 (Non-...

Two tunnels found under US-Mexico border

16:36 16/01/2006
Two tunnels have been discovered under the US -Mexico border this week, American immigration agents say. One was discovered in Arizona when border patrol agents spotted two men taking marijuana out...

Australia attracting foreign doctors, nurses

13:20 16/01/2006
More than 800 overseas doctors, nurses and other health professionals have expressed interest in moving to South Australia, thanks to successful employment expos held in Great Britain, Europe and...

UK offers asylum seekers money to return home

11:58 16/01/2006
The British government is to offer some asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants more cash to leave the country. The offer, of up to 2000 GPB ($3,500) per person, would run until the end of June and...

US begins testing e-passports

10:36 16/01/2006
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced last week that it is starting a second test of its electronic passport initiative next week, as it seeks to curtail the use of bogus passports at...

One Briton's story of new life in popular New Zealand

18:37 13/01/2006
A little over a year ago, Yorkshire, UK electronics engineer Adrian Hill faced the prospect of redundancy or the chance of a job in New Zealand . The Yorkshire Post reports on one man's new life in...