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Immigration news

Canada announces $700 mn investment in immigration

9:46 25/11/2005
Joe Volpe, Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Nov. 24 announced the Government of Canada will invest an additional $700 million over five years to make important improvements to the...

US visa bulletin for December 2005

12:29 24/11/2005
VISA BULLETIN FOR DECEMBER 2005 IMMIGRANT NUMBERS FOR DECEMBER 2005 A. STATUTORY NUMBERS 1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during December . Consular officers are...

Turkish politician discusses German immigration challenges

11:56 24/11/2005
In an exclusive guest editorial for Expatica , MEP Cem Oezdemir, who was the first German of Turkish descent elected to the Bundestag, looks at the challenges Germany's new government will face...

Britons migrating to Australia happy with house prices

11:13 24/11/2005
Australia is crying out for immigrants to bring their skills. That's good news for Britons, who will be pleasantly surprised by house prices in cities such as Melbourne. Catherine Moye of the...

Canada invests $920 million in Ontario immigration

15:25 23/11/2005
The Government of Canada will invest an additional $920 million over the next five years in immigration-related issues Ontario. The funding is intended to help more newcomers reach their full...

Study reveals increasing concern over immigration in Europe

13:14 22/11/2005
The EU citizens are increasingly concerned about immigrations, because immigrants are often perceived as competitors in the labour market as well as causing social insecurity, disorder and religious...