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Immigration news

Foreigners opting for fake marriages to get NZ residency

14:23 11/01/2006
Foreigners desperate to get New Zealand residency are opting for fake marriages, with Department of Labour investigators successfully prosecuting about half a dozen cases each year. In New Zealand it...

Australia attracting offshore jobs home

18:30 10/01/2006
With cheaper office rents than Mumbai (Bombay) and cheaper accountants than London, Australia could reverse the trend of jobs flooding offshore. Australia is in a strong position to benefit from the...

Australia's skilled immigration policy criticised

12:22 10/01/2006
Enrolment in Australian university computer courses has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years, and immigration critics are saying it's because too many skilled migrant visas have been issued to...

Samoa to open Consulate in American Samoa

19:16 09/01/2006
Radio New Zealand International Online reports that the Samoan Government hopes to open its Consulate Office in American Samoa before the end of January. Samoa's Chief Executive Officer for...

New US immigration bill would end Green Card Lottery

18:38 09/01/2006
As has already reported, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Dec. 16, 2005 that would affect many aspects of US immigration . The bill would criminalize the status of...

France introduces draft immigration law

12:03 09/01/2006
A new draft immigration law in France, which was put forward by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and is expected to be debated by parliament soon, calls for placing new requirements on foreign...