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Immigration news

Canada invests $920 million in Ontario immigration

15:25 23/11/2005
The Government of Canada will invest an additional $920 million over the next five years in immigration-related issues Ontario. The funding is intended to help more newcomers reach their full...

Study reveals increasing concern over immigration in Europe

13:14 22/11/2005
The EU citizens are increasingly concerned about immigrations, because immigrants are often perceived as competitors in the labour market as well as causing social insecurity, disorder and religious...

Ghana losing skilled workers to US Green Card Lottery

12:06 22/11/2005
A newspaper in the African country Ghana reveals that an average of 8,000 highly trained and skilled Ghanaians leave the country annually for the US through the Green Card Lottery . The latest...

Australia considers opening London call centre for visas

18:57 21/11/2005
Australia's Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) is looking to open a call centre based in London as a first contact for people in the UK and Europe enquiring about...

US Congress votes to increase visa fees, not visa limits

17:07 21/11/2005
Thousands of India's skilled workers hoping for a career in the US may be disappointed. The House of Representatives has passed its version of the budget deficit reduction bill without any proposal...

Spain's population grows thanks to immigration

16:26 21/11/2005
Spain posted its largest population increase ever last year, gaining more than 900,000 residents in a surge due almost exclusively to immigration, the Spanish government said. Spain granted amnesty...