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Immigration news

Australia attracting other islands' best and brightest

12:43 21/11/2005
Australia's immigration policy of luring professionals and skilled workers from poorer countries could be damaging the countries they leave behind, by attracting their doctors, nurses, nation-...

Immigrant businesses in the US help inner city economies

16:09 17/11/2005
Immigrants and their businesses in U.S. inner cities often spark growth in jobs and household incomes, according to a study released Nov. 15. For decades, policymakers have debated the best ways to...

US 2007 Green Card Lottery deadline approaching

15:57 17/11/2005 wants to remind you that deadline for your US Green Card lottery application is Dec. 4. Don't miss this opportunity. It takes about half an hour to fill out the application, which can...

Immigrants should embrace both old culture and new

12:12 17/11/2005
Countries hoping to integrate new immigrants should make sure the immigrants remain proud of and interested in their ethnic culture as well as their new home, suggests a new study on immigrant youth...

No EU-wide economic migration policies: report

17:16 16/11/2005
Some officials in the UK believe that each member state of the European Union should be able to control its own economic migration, rather than having EU-wide policies. Their opposition is a response...

Children of immigrants in UK breaking class barriers

18:11 15/11/2005
The online edition of The Independent reports that black people are breaking through the UK's class barrier and entering the middle classes at a faster rate than their white counterparts, according...