US O-1A Visa: Extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business or sport

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Applicants for this category must be able to show that they have extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business or sport. This ability must be recognised at a national or international level by a legitimate body – such reputable universities, business associations, or sports governing bodies.

The eligibility criteria for the O-1A are almost identical to those of the EB-1 Green Card. But there are 3 key differences:

  • The O-1A does not grant the holder legal permanent residence

  • The O-1A requires the applicant to have a US job offer before applying

  • The O-1A does not cover those with extraordinary ability in the arts

Offer of employment

O-1A visa applicants must have a confirmed US job offer before they apply


There are 8 criteria for the O-1A visa, applicants must meet at least 3 of these for their visa to be granted. However, evidence of having been awarded a highly acclaimed prize or award – such as a Nobel prize, Oscar, or Olympic medal – allows applicants to bypass these eligibility criteria.

Evidence of at least 3 of the following criteria is required:

  • A national or international prize or award for excellence or ability in your field

  • Membership of exclusive associations which require extraordinary ability to join

  • Published material regarding your ability in journals, trade publications, and other major media outlets

  • Having worked as a a judge of others' work in your field

  • Having made significant original contributions to your field

  • Having published academic work/articles related to your field in journals, trade publications, and other major media outlets

  • Having performed an essential or leading role in organisations related to your field

  • Earning a salary appropriate to a high level of expertise in your field

  • Some other proof of your exceptional ability is sometimes accepted, please contact us if you're not sure if the evidence you have is suitable

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