US Green Card Lottery selection and interview process

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After the lottery closes, the State Department computer will randomly select the successful applicants. If you are one of the lucky few, you will not be notified by email. You will be notified by post between six and eight months later (between May and July of the next year). If you were unsuccessful, you will not be informed. US embassies and consulates will not be able to inform you about the progress of your claim.

There are 50,000 DV visas available each year but more than that number of individuals will be selected. This is because The State Department has found that it is likely that some of the first 50,000 persons to be selected will later prove to be ineligible because they do not meet the other requirements for receiving a US visa. Unfortunately, this often means that some of those who are selected do not, in the end, get a green card. If you are selected, you will be informed of your place on the list. The higher your position, the greater your chances of receiving a green card.

The US State Department will arrange for interviews with successful applicants at consular offices and embassies in their home countries. If you have been selected, you will receive an invitation to your interview four to six weeks before it is due to take place. Each month visas will be issued to applicants who have met the requirements for receiving a visa for so long as there are visas available. Once all of the 50,000 DV visas have been issued, the program for the year will end so if you are selected you must attend your interview promptly or you may find that you miss out.

Remember, random selection by the State Department computer does not automatically guarantee that you will receive a visa.