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How do I apply to green card lottery?

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As a service to the public, provides an easy way for you to check your eligibility to enter the Green Card Lottery twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

  • You must submit a green card application electronically using the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form. You can no longer submit the entry by post.
  • You can only submit one application per person. If more than one application is received for any reason it will be automatically disqualified.
  • The US Department of State will send an electronic confirmation notice to you or your representative once your green card application is received.
  • You must submit recent individual photographs of all family members including your spouse and each child under 21 years of age. You should include all stepchildren and legally adopted children. These must also be submitted electronically with your DV lottery application.
  • You will have to submit your images electronically. You must either take a digital photograph or create an electronic copy of a traditional, paper photograph using a scanner.

Green Card lottery Selection and interview process