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US EB-4 Employment Based Immigrant Visa

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The EB-4 category is often used by workers coming to the US to work as part of a religious order or community. This category also covers other migrants who do not fit into any of the other EB visa categories.


To apply for an EB-4 visa migrants must fall into one on the following categories:

  • Religious workers such as ministers and preachers coming to the US to work for a recognised religious organisation

  • Those coming to the US to work for the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors as a broadcaster

  • Professional translators of the Iraqi/Afghan languages

  • Certain employees of international organisations who have been in the US for at least 15 years

  • Doctors of Medicine (physicians) who have been practising medicine in the US since January 10th 1978 or earlier

  • Nationals of any country with a treaty which allows them to serve in the US armed forces, and who have served for at least 12 years, OR those who have served 6 years and have enlisted for another 6

  • Employees and former employees of the Panama Canal Company or the Canal Zone government who either: were employed for at least one year, OR who were employed for 5 years and were put at risk by the ratification of the Torrijos–Carter Treaties, OR Panamanian nationals who retired after being employed for at least 15 years

  • Employees of the US government's foreign service who were employed for at least 15 years

  • Civilian employees of the North American Treaty Organisation (NATO), who worked with military personnel on missions authorised by the NATO treaty

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