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Non Tier UK Business visas

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Businesspeople may be able to come under the new UK innovator Founder visa scheme which replaced the previous Innovator visa.   Businesses and business owners may wish to consider whether it may be possible to come under the Skilled Worker sponsor licence scheme or Expansion Worker visa scheme. The Sole Representative visa, Start-Up visa and Turkish Businessperson visa no longer exist for new applicants.

For other UK business visas which are not included in the Tier system please see below.

UK Business Visas

The following business visa categories are increasingly important.  It seems that more and more UK visa categories will no longer be part of the UK Tier based visa scheme.

  • UK Innovator visa is for start-ups and experienced businesspeople coming to the UK to set up an innovative, viable and scaleable business in the UK. You also need to have an endorsement which may make it more difficult in some respects to the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa category.  

  • Expansion Worker Sponsor Licence and Visa For businesspeople and employees coming to the UK to set up the first UK branch or subsidiary of an overseas company. The representative should usually be a senior employee of the overseas company. The UK business must be wholly owned by the overseas company. 

Businesspeople can enter the UK for a limited time as business visitors.  In some cases the permitted paid engagement visa may be worth considering.

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